Holy Cheeses

Welcome to Holy Cheeses. It's 'another mother blog' but one with some fermented flavor. The hubbie's named Choppie and the boys are Bunnie (6) and Pup (3.5). Here you'll find notes on raising two-legged animals, spying on neighbors, making things and remembering to appreciate a lucky life.


This is me.

I love the art work that these two lil' guys. Much of it is abstract. But every now and then we go with portraits.

Also note the writing! And the mohawk.

Bunnie on Bastille Day

I found Bunnie's pic from the Eugene Bastille Day celebration.

Cousin Squish

These sweet cousins have continued to grow with and know one another. Cousin #1 (from the left) (whom we call 'Cousin') is 8 1/2. On the other end is Pia, aged 5. They are just about to get a new brother or sister. Any day now.

Here Still

I've struggled with whether or not to close this blog but then, in recent travels, I've heard from some of you how much you enjoy tuning into this rambunctious young-boy life. I'm thinking of you (Grampa) and you (Cris), especially.

So for now, here we are, still.

This pic is of Pup in Eugene during Bastille Day.


Art Show with Cheese Signs

Here's a first: I've got the illustrations from my about-to-be-released book Kitchen Creamery (here's a fun video) up on the walls at 18 Reasons, a place I often teach in San Francisco. This show (called "Home Made / Hand Drawn") is shared with an incredible artist (and also author) named Heather Hardison (her book is called Homegrown). It's a neat experience to hang my art on walls--especially since I get to do it with another woman artist whom I respect so much.

Way Back When

I've been out of touch with the blog lately, as you know and I know why: I've been roped into Instagram (taking tons of cheese photos and posting them all the time). Since these phone photos instantly post, I've gotten neglectful about plugging my phone into the computer and downloading pictures of the boys (the pics of the boys I keep as part of my private, not public life).

Since you don't have an updated photo, you should know this: Bunnie is barely a bunnie because he recently got a real haircut at the barber shop. He pointed towards the "mushroom haircut" photo on the barber's wall when I asked him which haircut he wanted. I gasped and asked the barber to use her best judgment

Pup is very much a pup--wearing his "night chonies" (that means underwear but that really means diapers). He loves preschool. He's quite confident and stubborn. He eats a South Beach diet, religiously, and we don't know.

As for me and Choppie, well, our lives as we know them are changing. I'll tell more when I know more (and feel brave enough to talk about it) but for now just this: we're moving at the end of the year--and moving far away.


Stay Back

Note the slightly cross eyed face of this very fierce mountain cheetah. Surely if you go any closer, he'll eat you.

My Little Dear

Here's my little five year old dear (though quickly becoming six year old one). Lately it seems he's really crossed to a new phase of life. He's calm and clear and I can talk about things with him. He entertains himself. He helps others and especially me. I truly adore knowing him.


Here's a recent potion crafted by Pup. It included Cheerios, glue and bay leaves.

Walnut Sourdough

Using a bit of sourdough mother from my friend Vicki, bread flour and the 'really hot oven' technique explained to me by my sister, I was able to pull off my first convincingly professional loaf of bread. It was very satisfying. Hooray to sourdough's microscopic brilliance!

Dressed for Success

This young man got himself dressed the other day. He was mostly excited because someone gave him that backpack as a hand-me-down and he knew it had special monster-fighting powers.


I Lick My Brother A Lot.

One way to tell your brother that you love him is simply to give him a little lick. That's what Bunnie was up to the other day. Pup didn't really mind. I ran when they came near me.

Cheese Magic

Here's what I've been up to lately. It's a Reblochon-style cheese--so something that is soft and ripened by molds. It's wrapped in spruce bark (which will give it a piney, woody undertone). I'm very excited to cut it open in a few weeks. I'll let you know how things ooze. Also, pretty cool how indiscriminating those molds are, right? Just taking on that rubber band like no body's business.

The Bunnie Crew

Here's Bunnie and his kinder-homies. They are ridiculously cute. Nico (on your left) has big fat cheeks and he's incredibly warm and chatty and always eager to help Bunnie polish off the remains of his lunch. Rocket, on the right, is the calmest cucumber of a five year old I've ever met. He loves very spicy food and isn't interested in sugar (!!!!). I wish all these guys could be buds forever (because I'd love to know them as adults).

P.S. No one knows Bunnie is called Bunnie…at least not yet!


This is a rare photo moment: Pup asleep on a chair. The guy is so easily stimulated and so eager to not miss a beat with his brother that I think this is the first and only time he naps so precariously.

Them Again

Here's those two love birds are, again. I think part of why they are so tight is Pup thinks you have a best friend, not many. So he's sort of committed himself to this boss.


Flat Screens

I've fallen quiet on this blog for a few months and I'm now asking myself why. I think the answer is I've been oscillating between various other forms of outreach / writing. Sometimes it's handwritten letters but more often than that it's the blackhole of Facebook--or the latest one that's got me by the toe-- Instagram. My eyes narrow into a tiny screen and my finger rapidly move along. I wait for positive reinforcement. I forget the world around me.

Luckily, I'm able to see myself as I interact with these other communication platforms. I see myself drawn in but I also see myself grow bored. Starring at a tiny screen on a phone seems like such a stunted way to live! And it is. It'll never match the satisfaction of talking to a real human or of noticing the enormous universe swirls around the phone itself. For now, my intention is to keep an awareness of what I'm doing as I hang out online--and to regularly return here to see if I can't type out a solid paragraph or two.


Dias de Los Muertos

I celebrated with memories made in cheese, of course.


Here are two three year old BFs. Their names rhyme. And they were born two weeks and three blocks apart. Plus they are preschool classmates (and apparently nap nestled together). It's the twin (sorta) that Pup never had.


I ran into this essay on working and spending and liked it. I'm parking it here on the blog so I can save it to read again but also thought you might be interested in reading it too:

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